Video Tours are a Realtors Greatest Content Asset

Real estate listing photos are great, but are they enough? Content is king, so the more content that shows off the value and beauty of your listing the better. They say, “A photo is worth a thousand words.” My response is, “How many words is a video worth?

More of a listener? We can’t blame you, we are too! Check out our YouTube video on this topic below.

Video tours and Video Walk-through are a fantastic piece to add to all of your listings. Whether your listings are staged or empty, video tours give your listings that extra bit of content that informs and entertains your audience.

A video tour moves its viewers throughout the listing as if they were walking it themselves. Paired with music, titles, and graphics, video tours give your audience a perfect viewing experience that is sure to pique their interest for that listing.

Video Tours Added Value

Video tours are great for your listings; however, they also better your real estate business. By providing video tours for all of your listings, you are building a portfolio of content that you can show potential future clients. During a client interview, you will be able to show off previous listings and the content you used to market them. Video tours are sure to make a lasting impression on your clients and make them glad they listed with you!

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