Creating Reels for Realtors

WHY Short Form Content?

Short form content includes Tik-Toks, Instagram and Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts. 

These pieces of content are typically under 90 seconds long and are vertically filmed.

They are incredibly popular because they are able to give you quick information or entertainment and keep you scrolling for more.

Given short form contents popularity on all social media platforms, you will find that these platforms are pushing.

With the success and continual popularity of short form content, social media platforms are investing more into this kind of media.

This mean that they are more likely to push out your content that is short form.

Short form content is what everyone is using and is what social media platforms are focused on. Therefore, you have a higher potential to go viral with short form content.

Reels for Realtors


REEL-TOR Membership

$ 750
  • 10 Reels
  • Filmed, Edited, Captions Added
  • We Come Up with Topics for You



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