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Your real estate photos NEED to be great! Your listing photos are the first thing that anyone will see and will motivate viewers to check out the other content you have for that listing. A typical listing has about 45 photos. Out of those 45 photos, which one would you say is the most important? We say the first one, which is normally the front exterior of the listing. This one photo will either draw your viewers in or keep them swiping. In today’s blog, we will be talking about Skye Replacements, and how they impact your front exterior photo!

More of a listener? We can’t blame you, we are too! Check out our YouTube video on this topic below.

To start, what is a Skye Replacement? See the example below.

A Skye Replacement is the process of taking a boring grey sky and replacing it with a bright blue skye. This photo editing feature makes the front exterior of your listing pop and brings more colors into the shot. All these colors start to give your listing a little character and allow your viewers the begin to envision themselves calling this place home.

Skye Replacements do not always have to be blue skies. Depending on the mood and overall idea of the photo, your real estate photographer should be able to swap skies to whatever they wish. For example, if the realtor ordered a Daylight to Twilight exterior photo, then the sky should resemble sunset purplish orange kind of feel.

Here at Blue Skye Media, we provide Skye Replacements for all our exterior shots that we see fit, with no added fees.

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