Facebook Thumbnails (Realtors)

You just created an awesome video. It is informative and entertaining. You go to upload it on Facebook, but once it is posted you see this awkward picture as the main photo for your video. This is called the “thumbnail” and this is what happens when Facebook autogenerates on for you.

$7.5 Million Mclean Virginia Listing | Mclean Virginia Real Estate Photography

Come step inside this magnificent home located in Mclean, VA. It has a pool, hot tub, 4 car garage, and is over 11,000 sq. ft. This gorgeous French Country Estate is the true definition of where modern luxury meets elegance. This spectacular property comes from the collaboration of Harrison Design Architects, Artisan Homes, and Charles Owen of Fine Landscapes. Enjoy!

TV and Fireplace Replacements | Real Estate Marketing

Are your real estate photos the best they can be? The photos are the first thing that anyone viewing your listing will see. They need to catch your viewer’s attention and draw them in to check out the other content you have for your listing. TV and fireplace replacements are a great way to give your photos some character and something that your audience to remember. They also give your viewers a little better feeling of what the home will feel like if they moved in.

Are Your Real Estate Photos Great?!

Great photos are the start to a great listing, after all, the photos are the first thing that any viewer will see. Your photos need to be eye-catching and make your viewers want to explore your listing more with the extra content you have for that listing. We often refer photos to the “hook” and once that fish is on, the rest of your real estate content will bring it home.👍

Skye Replacements | Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography

Your real estate photos NEED to be great! Your listing photos are the first thing that anyone will see and will motivate viewers to check out the other content you have for that listing. A typical listing has about 45 photos. Out of those 45 photos, which one would you say is the most important? We say the first one, which is normally the front exterior of the listing. This one photo will either draw your viewers in or keep them swiping. In today’s blog, we will be talking about Skye Replacements, and how they impact your front exterior photo!


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