Are Your Real Estate Photos Great?!

Great photos are the start to a great listing, after all, the photos are the first thing that any viewer will see. Your photos need to be eye-catching and make your viewers want to explore your listing more with the extra content you have for that listing. We often refer photos to the “hook” and once that fish is on, the rest of your real estate content will bring it home.👍

More of a listener? We can’t blame you, we are too! Check out our YouTube video on this topic below.

So what makes up great real estate photos? Well, there are many features that go into great photos; however, we summarized our top topics below.

The Real Estate Photographer

The person holding the camera has all the control. The real estate photographer should be actively focusing on the best angles each room presents. They should be using a combination of ambient, flash, and bracketed shots that guarantee that they have the best images for the post-production process after the shoot. They should be lighting up darker hallways, opening up blinds, and providing additional staging when seen fit. They also should be setting up shots appropriately so that they can give the realtors perfect sky replacements, window pulls, tv and fireplace replacements, and additional color correction.

The Editing

Once the real estate photographer has gathered all their shots, the magic begins. The post-production process is where everything comes together and the real estate photographer takes their individual photos and creates the beautiful final product. During this process, this where they will be making sure the windows, TVs, fireplaces, and skies all look fantastic with their proper replacements.

Blue Skye Media LLC

To conclude

Great real estate photos take an awesome photographer, who knows who to take the right photos and how to edit. Every photo is taken with a purpose and with the idea of how it will be edited later on. 

If you are a realtor in the Northern Virginia area and are looking for great real estate photos and content, please reach out to us. We are in the business of making your listings look great and helping you WIN MORE LISTING by growing your business online!

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